Friday, May 20, 2011

Create Retreat Costa Mesa

I took printmaking with rubber stamps at the Create Retreat in Costa Mesa yesterday with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. My stamps are pretty half assed, but I learned a lot. Julie is a real hoot and a wonderful teacher. I am socially awkward and my voice was missing due to a virus, so I couldn't really make the most of her friendly demeanor. It's hard to explain, but I spend a little bit of time looking into the minds of mixed media people everyday (via their blogs), and I feel like I kind of get to know them. When I saw Julie in person it was as though I was getting together with a friend who didn't recognize me. Is this healthy?


  1. I love those prints!! I'm impressed you were able to compete so many during the class. I feel the same way about looking at people's blogs. Who knows what's healthy these days!

  2. Wow. Beautiful work here. You have a strong aesthetic.