Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fair Isle Cardigan and today's pages

Today's journal pages: Not so great, just documentation.
Last August I started this cardigan. I used info from a lot of different patterns and came up with my own. I relied heavily on Alice Starmore's, Book of Fair Isle Knitting, for the stitch patterns. I love this sweater. It fits really well, it's warm, and it's surprisingly

lightweight considering how much yarn is in it. I used Harrisville designs shetland for most of it, with a little bit of Knitpicks Pallets thrown in (shame on me!)


  1. Your sweater is gorgeous! I love how each arm has different patterns and colors.

  2. I love this sweater! Would you consider making one for someone?

  3. Labai patinka man šis megztukas

  4. this is the best ever. It's really looks modern and folksy at the same time. I'll bet people go crazy over it in person