Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter in the Garden in Southern California

One more day of winter break and then I'm back to work with mostly new schools.  I have achieved almost everything on my list.  I still have to wash my car and clean out the entryway closet.  So far I have pruned all of my 50 or so roses and cultivated around their bases so they'll be ready to feed when they put on their new growth, emailed some school people,  cleaned out the wrapping paper drawer,  cleaned out the closet in my crafty room,  started a new journal, done some rearranging in the garage so my school supplies are more organized, I did all of Christmas, I have been exercising (new goal: 7 hours per week), and have returned to my normal eating habits.  I wish I didn't have to work but I do, so there.
I took some pictures of the garden because I am aware of how different my winter garden looks as compared to the gardens of my friends in colder climates.  Happy New Year!

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