Monday, January 2, 2012


We left our dog, Wren, in the yard early on December 30th.  We gave him a Kong with peanut butter and a couple of dog treats.  We knew that Ann and Liz would be by soon to take him on "BIG DOG WALK FRIDAY".  Maggie was going to come later to stay at the house and look after him.  We drove to Oakland and got Nora all moved into her little apartment.  We checked into our hotel and drank coffee.  We decided to eat dinner at a place down the street from the hotel.  We were eating a delicious dinner when we got the call from Julie that they were at the vet with Wren and that he was in cardiac arrest.  Apparently, when Maggie got to the house to feed him dinner and spend the night she couldn't find him.  Finally he came out from under the deck and collapsed on the ground.  She couldn't move him and he couldn't move himself.  She tried to give him some water but he couldn't drink it.  She said he was covered with debris from being under the deck.  She called her parents (they were at a movie) and then somehow our other friend John and his son Will arrived on the scene and they carried Wren to the car and went looking for a vet.  When they found one they took him in and the vet took him back right away.  The vet came out and told them that he was in cardiac arrest and that it didn't look good. By then, John and Julie had arrived. Then the vet came out again and took all five of them back into a little room and told them that Wren had died.  His body temp. was 6 degrees below normal and his gums were very pale.  He could have had internal bleeding from a burst tumor, but he didn't really know.  
It is just so sad and we felt so powerless being 400 miles away from our dear dog.  We loved that dog so much.  He had the best personality and he was one of the family.  He was also a pain in the ass, dirty, and high maintenance, but so is everyone else in our family.  We miss him.
Today I took the tree down and he wasn't there to hang out with me.  Nora's gone and the house is very still and quiet. I went out to prune roses, but I just couldn't. 
We don't want another dog yet.  It's just too soon.
On the positive side of all this is the fact that we a wonderful friends who went above and beyond trying to save our dog.  We are so lucky.
Happy New Year, Wren, where ever you are.  
I thought I heard your toenails clicking on the floor this morning.

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  1. I'm so sorry you lost your dear friend! Losing a pet is the worst kind of pain, but it does get better over time. I'm hoping you find another dog to love some day.