Friday, July 22, 2011

Long time no blog

It's been a long time since I blogged because my camera broke. The little door that holds the battery fell off and I lost it. I went to the camera store to order a new one and when I called them about 3 weeks later they acted like they'd never heard of me. So now I ordered one on ebay. I'm hopeful that that's all that's wrong with it. All the photos I post today will be from my phone.  All of the images are from the last month.  This summer has been wonderful.  When I get to stay home all day and flit from one project to the next I feel so lucky to be alive and have all these interests.  It wasn't always this way, so I'm very grateful.  Nora will be back from Europe on the 31st, so my solitude will end, but it's been good while it lasted.  Yay for summer!
                                                     Liz helping Ann model a stunning head dress
                                                     found beneath a palm tree

                                     Herding demo at Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon
              Paper drying on sliding doors from paper making workshop at Cal State Fullerton
                                   Spread of little faces from my journal inspired by JFFB's blog
                                                      My adorable children together in Italy
                                                        White sheep at Black Sheep

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