Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Christmas has come and gone. I had planned on making a lot of felted scarves for my family for Christmas, but then I got really sick and I could only make 3 (one of which was too ugly to use). Mark gave me a beautiful bird bath and some other really cool figurines from H and H Nursery in Lakewood. Vacation was wonderful aside from the nasty virus and going back to work took some getting used to. I have been knitting constantly and now I'm taking a week off because I need to heal the holes in my fingers from using cheap knitting needles that are too sharp. Mark said he could use another hat and I might make myself a scarf from some wool/silk roving that I dyed and spun. I finished my second sweater. I wish is was a bit longer, but it's really cozy. I need to take the buttons off and sew them on again. I must have been having a spell when I sewed them on because when I button the sweater it's a bit askew like a little kid who buttoned their sweater wrong. I'll post pictures of the hats and sweater later. Oh, I turned 53 yesterday! I look some pictures of myself and my glasses are so dirty that it's hard to take me seriously. Me at 53: smudgy with lip wrinkles.

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